These are some of the testimonials received, mostly in the emails, from people that had a chance to view and appreciate my exhibited works:

I really love your prairie art gallery pieces.

B. B. – Canada – September 2012

I am staying in Winnipeg and the hotel lobby has a few of your paintings displayed to which I have taken the time to admire. I love the simplicity and vibrant colors..

K. B. – August 2012

I love your prairie landscape paintings…

T. M. C. – August 2012

… I fell in love with the paintings I saw on the walls and since then I havenĀ“t stopped thinking about them.

D. M. E. – Iceland – August 2012

I recently saw your work at the Delta Hotel in Winnipeg. Your work left a deep impression on me …

D. W. – United States – July 2012

We were just at the Delta Hotel in Winnipeg and had the pleasure to see your art work on the walls…wow you prairie landscapes are amazing!

N. G. C. – June 2012

I was walking through the Delta hotel lobby in Winnipeg recently and was struck by your painting. It was beautiful.

R. H. – June 2012

I was awed by your ability to capture the majesty of the prairie sky and the sense nostalgia that these old farmsteads always give me. Congratulations, they are absolutely gorgeous paintings.

K. P. – May 2012

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