Commission Art

In the last years I’ve been welcoming work, mostly on commission. New artwork may be available from time to time as well. Please visit the Art Gallery on my web site for new works.


  • The regular estimated time for accomplishing a commission will be around six to eight weeks. It includes the painting, drying and shipping time. In the wet season, I had a few times when drying time took longer than usual and delivery was postponed a bit.
  • Other arrangements can be discussed depending on the season or the required size of the artwork.

Commissions based on photos or special requests:

  • Possibility to commission an artwork based on the client’s photographs reminiscing of their prairies past properties.
  • Painted portraits from photographs available on requests in water-media and oils as well.

Shipping and Packaging:

  • Shipping and packaging prices can be estimated by kindly providing the postal or zip code, or the country.


  • Sizes can vary up to the client’s request.


  • Prices are calculated and depend on the complexity, custom dimensions of the canvas.
  • Tax will be added on top of the painting’s price.
  • 1/3 downpayment is requested before commencing the artwork.

For more information please contact the artist thru the Contact form. I will reply to your questions as soon as possible.

For seeing the previous artworks please visit the Art Gallery.


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